About Yogesh Bhatia

A CUSTOMER’S PERCEPTION IS YOUR REALITY ---has been Dr. Yogesh Bhatia’s mantra. He completely agrees with what Mr Philip Kotler has to say about customer relationship, that a happy customer is the best source of advertising for you.

With 25 years of experience in distribution of mobiles FMCG, Cameras, Accessories and various IT products, he constantly felt the lack of affordable and sustainable electronic products which were available to all segments of society.

Driven by mission to transform the electronics industry into one which would bridge the gap between desirability and affordability and with strong sense of ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT ideology& idea of HAR GHAR TV, Dr Bhatia started his journey in 2017, with the brand Detel.

His vision did not allow him to stop here, he wanted to organize the unorganized B2B business in India and launched a company - B2Badda.com in Aug 2017. This platform allows consumer to have unique experience and is a one stop solution to explore wide range of IT, Telecom, Office stationary, Home Appliances etc.

His other business includes PreLoved Device which is flourishing because of its low cost of refurbished smart phones and high value for students and professionals alike.

Seed packets are distributed with all the electronic products to give a message to people to grow more trees. Additionally, a part of the sales goes to Detel Foundation under which the team takes a number of initiatives to empower weaker section of the society and reaches out to the underprivileged section of the society.

Detel-Pro - Under ‘Make in Bharat” initiative, this sub brand of Detel supports strong vision of ‘Har Ghar Suraksha’. It launched the World’s most economical Infrared Thermometer (DT09), Oximeter, Fogging machine and a number of products to fight Covid-19.

Detel-Easy - The Detel EV project shows Dr Bhatia’s appetite for new growth opportunities, again in line with the vision of the Government to transform the automobile industry more electric based by 2030. Detel EV is again extremely cost effective and requires no registration or license. Every customer of EV has a tree planted in their name.

Detel-Electronics - The company has been offering products with disruptive prices since its inception. Its first product, a feature phone was launched at Rs 299 only. Few months later it launched a television model for Rs 3,999. Now smart TVs are available from 17”-75”. Detel has done dozens of products launched at regular intervals since then which range from connected essentials like Bluetooth speakers, power banks, Earphones to name a few.